Welcome to The Walnut Brewery Mug Club where you’ll find free stuff for 21 and overs who love Walnut Brewery beer.

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Benefits of Mug Club Membership
  • Earn rewards every time you visit us. The more visits, the more rewards. Check out the list of cool rewards below.
  • Get invitations to exclusive parties like Brewer’s Dinners, special beer tappings and other great brewery events.
  • Receive an electronic birthday card and special gift from us every year.
  • Drink from our special Mug Club mug, always waiting for you behind the bar.
  • Appreciate great beer in the company of fellow beer lovers.

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Mug Club Rewards*
  • 5 Visits: Logo Pint Glass
  • 10 Visits: Mug Club Baseball Cap
  • 25 Visits: Mug Club Growler Cooler
  • 35 Visits: Mug Club T-shirt
  • 50 Visits: Mug Club BBQ Grill Set
  • Every 10th Visit after 50 you'll get $10 in Mug Club Cash
  • 120 Pints: Engraved name plaque in 1/2 Barrel Club




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